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    GT Assiststar

    GT Assiststar is a star assistant that can assist in the various aspects of one’s life. It is equipped with human-like functionalities, where you can have great conversations with. It is also paired with emotional intelligence and wisdom. A multifunctional bot that suits a wide array of services to facilitate SMART living, with inbuilt functions such as automated tracking and voice navigation. It has the ability to move around a designated area assisting you with your needs.

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    GT Wonder Boy

    GT Wonder Boy, Singapore’s very own SMART robotic companion has multiple abilities of not only being a personal assistant and interactive educator who can hold seamless two-way conversations. It is also a bilingual communicator that can converse in 13 different languages. A hands-free photographer and a sing and dance companion for both the young and old.

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    Bottom Wheel

    $ 888.00
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    GT Robot, a Singaporean company that specialises in robotics technology recognised the need for an intelligent solution to aid people in their daily work and life and hence developed GT Gobot, an intelligent service robot, mainly used for loading and transportation purposes, to better facilitate people’s life and work.

    With an innovative invention like GT Gobot, carrying your own bags of luggage is now a thing of the past. GT Gobot, a hardworking and dedicated SMART assistant that can reduce the physical burden for transporting heavy bags of luggage.

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