GT Wonder Boy 360 During World Robot Conference 2017

GT Wonder Boy 360 During World Robot Conference 2017
6th November 2017 Marketing GT Robots

SINGAPORE [4 September 2017] –GT Wonder Boy, an amalgamation of cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), is a SMART companion for people of all ages from all different walks of lives. A compact entertainer who can sing, dance, photograph and shoot videos paired with various other built in components to alleviate one’s daily life. With functionalities such as personal assistant, translator of up to 13 different languages, butler service, photographer, and an interactive educator who can hold seamless two-way conversations.

Featured on 360° Panoramic Virtual Reality (VR), a platform that showcases stereoscopic panoramic capture rig to transport audience on an incredible journey of virtual reality.

Click on the following url or scan the QR code below to immerse yourself in the virtual experience that happened during World Robot Conference 2017, held in Beijing.

360 pano bei jing wrc 2017

Special Feature by:  现场360°

Not just the media, all the guests were live-streaming GT Wonder Boy during WRC

GT Wonderboy is on everybody’s camera!

Even guests from overseas were favouring GT Wonderboy too