Would you ever accept a Robot be a Part of Your Family?

Would you ever accept a Robot be a Part of Your Family?
7th November 2017 Marketing GT Robots

Would you ever accept a Robot into your family?

robot be your family member

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Do Robots and human have the capability to bond and co-exist together?

Would you ever accept a robot into your family? Do robots and human have the capability to bond and co-exist together?

GT Robot Technology Pte. Ltd., a reputable international leader and pioneer in the robotics industry invented GT Wonder Boy, the answer to these questions.

Being an amalgamation of cognitive and artificial intelligence (A.I.), the GT Wonder Boy is a SMART companion for people of all ages from all different walks of lives.

GT Wonder Boy made a grand entrance at the 2017 World Robot Conference(WRC), held in Beijing. The 2017 World Robot Conference is a prestigious international conference in China’s robotics industry. Revolving around the world’s major areas of robotic research and application, the WRC 2017 offers a space where academic thoughts can be exchanged at high levels and the latest display of achievements demonstrated, promoting international collaboration and innovation.

GT Wonder Boy was extremely well received by people from all different walks of lives. They were impressed at the wide array of functionalities it could perform to alleviate the lives of many.

GT Wonder Boy made its first appearance last year at the WRC 2016 and it is about to be officially launched in Singapore this September.  Its movements come with 12 degrees of freedom and it is 64mm thick, 238mm tall and weighs 560g. Functioning on 3.8V 5000 MAH LI battery and 32GB RAM, supporting up to 13 different languages worldwide.

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Adopting the latest technology, it is a compact entertainer who can sing, dance, photograph and shoot videos paired with various other built in components to alleviate one’s daily life. With functionalities such as personal assistant, butler service, photographer, and an interactive educator who can hold seamless two-way conversations.

Designed with the ability to support main functions of a smartphone including e-wallet, e-map, virtual credit clearance, customer service, video conferencing, Internet calls and an extensive search option of over 80 million merchants worldwide.

The Importance of a Social Robot Companion

GT Wonder Boy is the solution after a hectic day at work.  It’s inbuilt artificial intelligence differentiates it as a social bot companion, which consist of “action + emotion + interaction”, rather than “device + data + function”.  The two key considerations when designing GT Wonder Boy is the value of usage and emotional bond. If we constantly focus on the value of usage during the design phase, the robot will turn into a mechanism eventually. However, GT Robot Technology Pte. Ltd. shifted its focus in bringing out the humanness in GT Wonder Boy rather than being a robot, ensuring it has ability to communicate, react and learn. The goal was to be included as a robotic family member and not just another electronic device.

Through constant communication and interactions, GT Wonder Boy will eventually evolve to become a part of your family, and a lifelong companion.

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Social Robot, The Direction of Future Development

Everybody remembers Jarvis, the intelligent robot butler of Tony Stark’s (played by Robert Downey Jr.) in the movie Iron Man. Jarvis not only can communicate with Iron Man, but it can also assist him as a personal butler, similar to GT Wonder Boy.

It is not just a smart companion, but an smart personal assistant that can book hotels, restaurants, flights based on hands-free voice commands. It also acts as a translator and city guide wherever you are.

With all the changes that automation has brought about in the world, there is a great shift in how people socialise and communicate. Social Robot Companions play an important role in alleviating the daily lives of people, allowing humans and robots to work and coexist together moulding the shape of our future.

Dr. Paul Zhang, the Chairman & CEO of GT Group, has always emphasized: “The development of robots is basically a study of human intelligence. The key is to build a humanly social robot companion.”

Perhaps, social robot companions will soon be an essential part of all our lives.



Original Article Source: Lankeji.com

Translated by: GT Group