GT Wonder Boy, Singapore’s First Social Companion Robot

GT Wonder Boy, Singapore’s First Social Companion Robot
6th June 2017 Marketing GT Robots

GT Wonder Boy, First Social Companion Robot in Singapore

Both “Star Wars” and “Robot Story” are popular science-fiction movies that had a significant impact on rising pop culture which provides a platform for people to immerse in an imaginary world allowing the cohesive existence of both robots and humans. However, with the advancement and adoption of robotics technology, what seemed to be a vision on reel has now manifested into reality, suggesting that robots are intelligent solutions that can be incorporated into the daily aspects of our life, be it for industrial or personal use, the Social Companion Robot will be our smart solutions towards a SMART nation.


GT Wonder Boy, Unlock the IntelligenceSocial Companion Robot

GT Robot, a Singaporean company that specialises in robotics technology recognised the need for an intelligent solution to aid people in their daily life and hence developed GT-Wonder Boy, a social companion robot with human-like functions, paired with emotional intelligence and wisdom. A smart companion for life.

GT Wonder Boy Functions

GT Wonder Boy, Singapore First Intelligent Robot

GT Wonder Boy is Singapore’s first intelligent social companion robot that has obtained eight patents. With multiple abilities of not only being a personal assistant and butler, interactive educator who can hold seamless two-way conversations. It can also be a personal photographer and a sing and dance companion.

GT Wonder Boy Specs

Support the Main Functions of Smartphone

It also supports the main functions of a smartphone including e-wallet application, e-map, virtual credit clearance, video conferencing, Internet calls, translation, order management and an extensive search option of over 80 million merchants worldwide. Definitely a smart companion for both young and old. GT Wonder Boy is a lightweight companion that has a surround sound system paired with LED lights for the eyes and ears for a sensory user experience.

Adopting a mainstream smart phone configuration, equipped with a quad-core processor, 3gb of memory, 13-million-pixels camera and 5000 mA battery with a battery life of up to 48 hours. It sure is a highly durable mobile companion.



GT Wonder Boy will be attending this year’s 2016 Computing Conference at Hangzhou where he will have his first ever meet and greet session with the media and public where he will be showcasing his functionalities.

smart social bot companion


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About GT Robot  

GT Robot, a company under the GT Group of Companies, is an innovative high-technological firm that specializes its advancement in humanoid robotic solutions. The company provides state-of-the art technologies in hardware automation and proprietary software development to create intelligent, service-centric robots in unprecedented areas including but not limited to education, entertainment and integrated care to needed people. Consistent to GT Group’s mission, its core mission is to alleviate and improve the overall efficacy of one’s lifestyle through the augmentation of productivity, safety, security, and entertainment.

GT Group of Companies’ headquarter is located in Singapore with several regional offices across the world and its composition comprises of GT Dollar, GT Robot, GT Mobile and GT Payment respectively. GT Dollar is an industrial leader in mobile application development and positions itself as an evolutionary mobile internet application for both iOS and Android operating system. GT Dollar mobile application is a “one-stop mobile e-commerce platform” and it seeks to build an O2O community to consolidate consumers and merchants from a myriad of industries to interact within its marketplace. The application serves as a composite of a daily lifestyle and city guide application for users that aims to compliment and simplify the increasingly hectic individual lifestyles by providing an unprecedented and direct access to a huge base of merchants hitherto not on Internet or mobile, but which have a great range of products and are looking to expand regionally and globally. Complementing its operation, GT Payment, a payment gateway and solution company, provides affordable transaction rates to merchants whom are constantly plagued with high cost incurred in e-payment or card payment services. Separately, GT Mobile focuses in design and development of smart devices, including smart watches and android-based lifestyle smart phone.

Synergize as one, GT Group of Companies seeks to materialize the GT Eco-system in realizing GT’s overarching ambitious mission to empower every individual with affordable yet high quality hardware augmented with innovative software solutions in pursuit of a smarter nation.


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