GT Robot come to World Robot Conference @ Beijing 2016

GT Robot come to World Robot Conference @ Beijing 2016
24th November 2016 Marketing GT Robots







GT Robot @ World Robot Conference 2016

Both the robotics pride of Singapore, GT Wonder Boy and GT Gobot flew 3260miles tirelessly from the Computing Conference at Hangzhou to the 2016 World Robot Conference, Beijing from 21st Oct – 25th Oct 2016.

The 2016 World Robot Conference is a conference aimed to showcase the latest research around robotics and key application fields as well as intelligent social innovation development. Set up internationally as a collaborative innovation platform, for experts and international peers to discuss robot development and innovation trends.


Led by Dr Paul Zhang, Chairman & CEO of GT Group is an International team of robotics experts from France, USA, Portugal, Canada, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and China who strive to transform the future of robotics for the better. The brain behind these two successful bots, is Dr Paul Zhang, the creator and founder of the novel concept of robotics development and intelligence.

Despite being around an exhibition filled with fellow international and local robotics intelligence, there was an overwhelming crowd of thousands of visitors from all over the world at our booth grooving to the robotic dance segment by our very own Robot Legion led by Robot Marshall. Definitely a proud moment for the robotics team present to witness such moment of triumph, especially more to see their dedication and hard work transform into factual reality.

gt wonder boy demo

The Robots were simply eye-catching that they attracted tonnes of international and local visitors, both young and old to our booth. Most visitors were fascinated and commented on how these two smart innovations are going to improve the overall quality of people’s lives, transitioning into the era of intelligence.

GT Gobot at WRC

Leonardo, Vice President of GT Robot was busy hosting VVIPs and attending a robotics forum where he got to interact with other like-minded industry professionals to share more about both our bots and how it will be useful to them.


Frank, Vice President of Business Development at GT Robot was interviewed by LRTV (Liaoning TV) and he discussed about the positive impact these two bots were going to have on society and how we are slowly transforming into an era of intelligence.

GT Wonder Boy on Liao Ning TV

Ms Yiting Hao, the newly-joined Product Experience Manager from America, showcased GT Wonder Boy’s functions on BBC World News live on Newsday and Xinhua Net Live. She did a second live demonstration on Douyu Zhibo and presented how the bot can interact with the Chinese audiences shortly after. Both the media were simply impressed at the capabilities of GT Wonder Boy.

robotics intelligence

robotics intelligence @ WRC

GT Robot @ World Robot Conference

The bots were again very well received by the International and local media such as BBC World News, Beijing Economic Technological News, Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News mobile app, LRTV,, Douyu Zhibo,,,,, and The media felt that these two bots were going to have a positive impact on society and how we are slowly transforming into an era of SMART nation.

GT Robot @ World Robot Conference

About GT Robot Technology Pte Ltd (GT Robot)

GT Robot, a company under the GT Group of Companies (GT Group), is an innovative high-technological firm that specialises its advancement in humanoid robotic solutions. The company provides state-of-the-art technologies in hardware automation and proprietary software development to create intelligent, service-centric robots in unprecedented areas including but not limited to education, entertainment and integrated care to needed people. Consistent to GT Group’s mission, its core mission is to alleviate and improve the overall efficacy of one’s lifestyle through the augmentation of  productivity, safety, security, and entertainment.

GT Group headquarter is located in Singapore with several regional offices across the world and its composition comprises of GT Dollar, GT Robot, GT Mobile and GT Payment respectively. GT Dollar is an industrial leader in mobile application development and position itself as an evolutionary mobile internet application for both iOS and Android operating system. GT Dollar mobile application is a “one-stop mobile e-commerce platform” and it seeks to build an O2O community to consolidate consumers and merchants from a myriad of industries to interact within its marketplace. The application serves as a composite of a daily lifestyle and city guide application for users that aims to compliment and simplify the increasingly hectic individual lifestyles by providing an unprecedented and direct access to a huge base of merchants hitherto not on Internet or mobile, but which have a great range of products and are looking to expand regionally and globally. Complementing its operation, GT Payment, a payment gateway and solution company, provides affordable transaction rates to merchants whom are constantly plagued with high cost incurred in e-payment or card payment services. Separately, GT Mobile focuses in design and development of smart devices, including smart watches and android-based lifestyle smart phone.

Synergize as one, GT Group seeks to materialise the GT eco-system in realising GT’s overarching ambitious mission to empower every individual with affordable yet high-quality hardware augmented with innovative software solutions in pursuit of a smarter nation.

The GT Robot Team comprises of an International team of robotics experts from France, USA, Portugal, Mauritius, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and China who put together their intelligence to make both the robots successful and memorable.