GT Assiststar met with Senior Parliamentary Secretary

GT Assiststar met with Senior Parliamentary Secretary
1st April 2019 Gordon Feng

Singapore, 29th March 2019 – Singapore’s first start assistant robot, GT Assiststar will be showcased at Workforce Champion Series 10, managing a diverse workforce at Mediapolis today.

GT Assiststar is a star assistant that’s equipped with human-like functionalities and has the ability to have great conversations. Paired with emotional and artificial intelligence, it is a multifunctional bot that suits a wide array of services to facilitate SMART living. With inbuilt functionalities such as automated tracking and voice navigation, it has the ability to move around designated area alleviating one’s work life in today’s diverse workforce.

Targeted at the service industry in Singapore (hotels, tourist attractions, hospitals, medical centres, offices, banks, etc). With the adoption of technology and artificial intelligence, GT Assiststar was created to improve the overall efficacy and efficiency of Singapore’s service industry which is a major industry and contributor to the Singaporean economy.


With a wide array of functionalities, GT Assiststar is able to perform various tasks including registration, self-check-in, informative tour guide, and an interactive information desk which can speak up to 13 different languages, etc.

Created to meet the specific needs of the service industry, to improve the overall efficacy of service standards. This robot can be used in various settings and can be customised to suit one’s business needs. GT Assiststar will meet with Guest of Honor Ms. Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower, Mayor South West District on 29th March to demonstrate some of its functionalities and how it’s complements the workforce of today.