AI Artificial intelligence, Smart Self-service Payment, AI Smart Assistant, Advance Natural Language Processing,AI Smart Customer Service - | GT Robots

AI Artificial intelligence, AI Smart Self-service Payment, AI Smart Assistant, Advance Natural Language Processing,AI Smart Customer Service – | GT Robots

Advance Natural Language Processing

Support nearly 110 areas of Natural Language Processing. Leveraging on our huge database collection of entities, vocabulary, scenes and so on. We have computed the data into sets of exclusive precision calculation and analysis via our in-house Robot Machine Learning from time to time.

Intelligent Search

Our intelligent Search based on our in house unique search algorithm which is based on Natural Language Processing, data crawling engine.
Partnering with various data providers, we can push useful information to our users in order to maximize their searching experience.


Natural and Smooth Voice Synthesis

Via our in house developed voice synthesis system, we can provide more accurate , smooth and natural voices via our back end engine with Smart Machine Learning Engine.

AI Smart Assistant + Robots

Leveraging on our connections with more than 100K merchants from worldwide, we can push location based and time based service recommendations (such as VIP user service) to our users. Our AI intelligent robot will process the order service in real-time and automatically respond to the customer’s queries. This can reduce the high operation cost while improving productivity. We also provide quality user’s behavior analysis and consumption analysis reports.

GT Gobots Indoor Positioning Technologies

In the process of shopping and browsing goods, our AI can quickly provide accurate suggestions according to user needs, location and time. It is the core of our GT Gobots.
We can provide highly customized smart indoor positioning solutions to our enterprise customers by leveraging on our core AI Technologies.

AI Self-service Payment

With the popularity of mobile payment, self-service payment will also become the standard for retail store payment. Self-service cash register generally provides screen video, text, and voice guidelines. Moreover we can also serve artificial intelligence face recognition payment as alternative.

AI Smart Customer Service

Customer service is one of the very important and occupy a very high operational cost of in e-business. Thus we need AI robot customer service to replace most of the human workforce.
AI robot can replace a large number of types of work – online customer service, human emotional recognition, real-time Q & A, advice and complaints, entertainment and others.  The robot’s machine learning ability not only can accurately answer the question but also can predicts customer’s emotional state.

AI Smart Shopping Cart and Shopping Guide

In supermarkets, shopping carts as the most common tools can be integrated with biometrics and camera systems to provide human traffic statistics and face recognition services. AI Smart Assistants can allow business owner  to download these information from smartphones for analysis reports regarding customers buying behaviors.

GT Brain

Based on “Artificial Neural Network Technology”,  we will leverage on our existing huge databases which comprised of all our merchants and customers property all over the world to construct training models and train these models via machine learning for the purpose of predicting the consumer’s next choice, suggestions to buy.