GT Robot @ Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference 2017

GT Robot @ Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference 2017
7th November 2017 Marketing GT Robots

SINGAPORE [October 23, 2017] – GT Robot Technology was invited to present the world’s most compact and an intelligent Singapore’s first social bot companion, The GT Wonder Boy at The Computing Conference hosted by Alibaba Group, held in Hangzhou, China.

GT wonder boy alibaba cloud conference 2017

gt smart companion alibaba cloud conference

gt wonder boy your smart personal assistant

GT Wonder Boy, the world’s most compact social bot companion

GT Wonder Boy, the world’s most compact social bot companion was proud to represent Singapore robotics in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) for the second time at The Computing Conference, hosted by Alibaba Group. The Computing Conference is a major worldwide event in the field of cloud computing. The conference covers all the latest trends in frontier technologies, including Cloud Computing, Big Data, and AI.

Being mobile, makes GT Wonder Boy an indispensable and convenient every day, companion that one can look forward to having beside them at any time of the day. A trusted multi-tasking companion designed to alleviate and manage every aspect of the lives of people.

gt wonder boy entertainment smart robot

 GT Wonder Boy being a intelligent tourist guide,  intelligent multilingual butler

With a wide array of functionalities, such as being a personal assistant that can assist with recording minutes, making hotel and dining reservations upon voice command. An intelligent educator, who can teach various subjects, including poetry recital and storytelling. A translator that eliminates language barrier during business dealings, with the ability to converse seamlessly in 13 different languages, value-adds to its endless list of functionalities. An intelligent tourist guide who makes travelling to any country a pleasant and joyful experience with its list of recommendations of famous sight-seeing spots, events, dining and activities. An entertainer who never fails to entertain with one of its most popular functions, the sing and dance function that never fails to create a lasting first impression.

emotional intelligence

intelligent tourist guide

 GT Wonder Boy was a shining star during the Alibaba Cloud Conference

Surrounded by a massive pool of audience at the conference, the GT Wonder Boy left an everlasting impression and filled the hearts of everyone present. Especially more so during the GT Wonder Boy legion dance, which blew the crowd away. Everyone was clapping and cheering along to its vibrant, intensifying performance.

intelligent multilingual butlerintelligent multilingual smart butler

smart entertainment robot

Being one of the invited guest robots present at this conference, GT Wonder Boy was a shining star that garnered a lot of attention from the crowd and the Alibaba Management team, who presented a token of appreciation for its participation at this conference.

gt group invited by alibaba

Given the increasing sophistication of our programming, presages a new age of cloud computing. GT Wonder Boy is an example of new machine learning, one of the biggest transformation in AI development and it has impeccable seamless voice-responsive AI system and emotional intelligence that can respond to human commands accurately, accordingly.  Some of the familiar faces from the local media last year, dropped by to see some of its enhanced capabilities as they awaited eagerly. As well as new media friends such as中央电视台 (CCTV), 苏州广播电视总台 (Suzhou Broadcasting System), 阿里云现场直播 (Alibaba Cloud Live Stream), 梨视频 (Pear Video), 决明数据科技 (Jueming Technology Live Stream)今日头条 (Tou Tiao- Today’s Headlines), 全景网 were impressed at how something so compact had a lot of incredible functionalities that were extremely useful in the daily lives of people. They were especially impressed with the artificial intelligence portion of new machine learning which they feel is the component missing in most robots these days and this is what sets the GT Wonder Boy apart from the rest.

gt wonder boy interview by media cctv

Adopting an extremely powerful system such as AI which has been used to make decisions and learn things like how to hold a conversation sets the GT Wonder Boy apart. The AI is needed for learning and adapting whereas the cloud technology is needed for the AI to access data that is stored on a server. With ongoing constant improvements, our programmers aid in the AI process. This sort of collaboration and technological development is essential to not only make a SMART companion but is also the future of a revolutionary e-commerce solution aimed to improve the lives of many.Incorporating advanced AI, GT Wonder Boy is an intelligent multilingual butler that can speak 13 different languages and engage in seamless two-way conversations with its user. Designed to suit the hectic pace and trendy lifestyle of people today, GT Wonder Boy is not only a smart personal assistant that takes charge of your daily schedule but it is also a must in every household.

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